Become a Birth and Postpartum Caregiver! (Doula)


A doula, also known as a Labor Coach or Professional Labor Assistant, a birth doula is a woman who provides information and non-medical and /or emotional support to women and their families during pregnancy and Labor. She has an understanding of the emotional and spiritual needs of pregnant women as well as natural means of pain control. She has learned relaxation techniques which will facilitate the labor process.

The Post-partum doula, night nurse or night nanny, provides help to the new family during the crucial adjustment period after the infant's birth. She helps during the day, providing information and assistance with breast feeding and other newborn care issues. She also runs errands and may prepare meals, duties which free the new mother to focus solely on her newborn. She provides support for mothers recovering from a cesarean section. And provides an extra pair of hands for the mother of twins!

This course will provide you with the basic, intermediate & advanced, skills needed to provide competent support and education to pregnant, birthing & nursing women and their families!

Upon completion the participant will receive the following certifications:

Further study (and for an additional fee) will result in certification as a Child Birth Educator.

This training is a perfect first step for those considering work as a Doula, Childbirth Educator, Pastoral Labor Counselor or Labor Coach, as well as those considering further training as a midwife!

Saturdays, 11 am – 3pm
On-going sessions.
Please call 510-595-5534 for admission information.
Payment plans, credit cards accepted!
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